Saturday, August 8, 2009

Information Technologies

The acquisition of a business solution which is planned to manage, control and operate a business is a very important project. All the information necessary for the evaluation and decision-making inherent to the business will lie in this solution. This information becomes a key aspect of the daily business processes. The business solution does not only address the present needs, but also the solution to track the future successes. What is needed to start a successful IT project?

In the process of acquisition, there are numerous business solutions distributed by a global network of business partners who share the commitment to build a productive relationship with its customers. Each of these partners provides a local and personalized service, including: Planning, Implementation and Deployment of the Final Solution. This relationship does not end here, it continues with the Post-Sales Support. The role of these Partners is to ensure that each client can access the most appropriate Business Solution to meet the specific needs of the hereby mentioned organization.

Finding a suitable IT solution involves these points:

• Finding a Partner
• Developing a Plan
• Documenting the Requirements
• Choosing the appropriate Business Solution
• Implementing the Business Solution
• Deploying the Business Solution


  1. Great post Julio. Very informative and I love the bilingual aspect of it too. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you, Justina I appreciate your comment. Keep in touch!!